Annapolis retina office

Annapolis Retina Office

Retina doctor in Annapolis

Without a healthy, properly functioning, structurally sound retina, your eye cannot operate efficiently and give you the degree of vision you want and need. That’s a fact. It may be the onset of disease or an accident or injury, but when you have a retinal issue you can benefit most by turning to our practice, where you are getting the specialized adult care that is only available here at The Retina Group of Washington.

Unfortunately, there are often no obvious signs of retinal disease until they become advanced. And there is a tendency to take vision and eye wellness for granted. Our Annapolis retina office is dedicated to being proactive. We offer medical and surgical solutions. Macular degeneration is a concern that needs to be monitored from age 40 and up. It causes a loss of central vision due to the deterioration of your macula, which is at the center of your retina. In addition to expert diagnostics, you can depend on our Annapolis retina office to evaluate the severity of the condition and recommend applicable methods of treatment and management. Likewise, diabetic retinopathy is also an eye disease that responds best to prompt attention. If ignored, there is the distinct risk that your retinal blood vessels can become damaged, and may hemorrhage. Retinal tears and detachments require surgical repair, and we have provide the state-of-the-art in procedures and techniques to ensure the best chance for optimal results. If you have blurry vision, partial vision loss, light sensitivity, tunnel vision, flashes of light within your visual field, or you notice that your pupil is dilated, you should not hesitate to come in for an examination.

Our Annapolis retina office is here when you need help, with skilled and experienced care that is dedicated to problems affecting your retinas. Just call us to book an appointment at the earliest possible opportunity.

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